Everything You Need To Know - Portrush

Portrush is located in Northern Ireland on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Formerly a fishing village, Portrush is currently a very popular tourist destination and is considered a resort town given its great historical sites and tourist attraction centres. If you are planning a visit, here are possible sites you could visit.

places to stay in portrush 

There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation facilities in the area. There are scenic, comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities for your use including Portrush Atlantic Hotel, Inn on the Coast, Magherabouy House Hotel, Adelphi Portrush, Antrim House B&B, Albany Lodge, Avarest House Bed and Breakfast and many more. Ensure to book your accommodation in advance especially during peak seasons to prevent getting stranded. Ensure that you select a facility that provides you easy access to all the areas you would wish to visit as well as the town.

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Dunluce Castle

The castle was built on cliff rocks North of County Antrim in the 1500 by the MacQuillan family. However, it was taken over by the MacDonnell family in 1550. The castle's history is not only intriguing but it is also a great lesson for all who visit. The castle was used during the filming of Game of Thrones which has also increased its popularity. Tours of the castle ruins are available for both adults and children at a fee.

East Strand Beach

The stunning sandy beach is great for long walks, jogs, sunbathing and even playing with pets and children. The scenery changes as you walk or jog along the beach ensuring you do not get bored. From sand dunes to limestone rocks and cliffs, there is so much to see and enjoy at the East Strand beach. You can also engage in swimming, surfing, beach sports and other recreational activities with friends and family.

West Strand Beach

If you would love a breath of fresh air and a calming yet phenomenal experience, the West Strand Beach is the pace to be. The waves crashing into land will help in keeping you calm and relieving the stress. Just like the East Strand Beach, you can take long walks, play with pets and children, jog and enjoy the sandy beaches and scenic surrounding areas.

Royal Portush Golf Club

For those who enjoy golf, you can play at the Royal Portrush Golf Club. If you are not a golfer, you can watch a game at the Club. This two links course club, Dunluce Links and the Valley links, has 36 holes. The Dunluce Links is used for championships and is considered one of the best golf course links in the world having been ranked in the top ten by different agencies over the years.

You can also enjoy the local culture through enjoying the local dishes and drinks, music and learning a little bit about the people who live here. There is a lot to do in and around Portrush for the entire family. Children can learn a lot of history and visit historical sites but at the same time have fun in the beaches around while the adults could play golf, enjoy the beaches and have fun too. If you are planning your next vacation or holiday, Portrush is a great place to consider.